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Welcome Back Ye Annunaki

a Noxious Sector Project

How would you host an imaginary friend, a special guest from an alien world returning to Earth after a 3600 year journey? What would you make them to eat? Where would you set them up in your house to sleep? What kind of gift would you give them to welcome them to your home?

Welcome Back Ye Annunaki merges inquiry about home and hospitality with speculation on the ancient alien theories of Zecharia Sitchin and others, who claim that humanity is a product of alienate intervention, genetically engineered by a race called the Annunaki. According to Sitchin, the story of the Annunaki is engraved on the clay tablets of the ancient Sumerian people, along with details of the planet they come from, called Nibiru or Planet X. According to the myth, Nibiru is on a long elliptical orbit that brings it into proximity with our solar system only once every 3,600 years. If the story proves true, the winter solstice of 2012 may mark the return of the Annunaki, as Nibiru re-enters our solar system.

Welcome Back Ye Annunaki is a project built on the idea of welcoming back our alien ancestors, inviting gestures of hospitality from members of the community who might like to welcome an Annunaki into their home. This window display is an extension of an exhibition at Open Space Artist Run Centre in Victoria, Canada, in which 18 artists from around the world have responded to the call for hospitality by creating projects that engage the Annunaki myth in their own creative ways. Cindy Baker & Megan Morman created a brothel designed to service the needs of alien visitors; Ella Morton created a set of intergalactic calling cards where visitors can leave a message for the Annunaki; Mary-Anne McTrowe hosted a potluck; Serena Kataoka built a sensory deprivation chamber in her bedroom with a live-stream feed to web. Images and additional descriptions of the project can be found on the Noxious Sector website: