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Urich Lau

Life Circuit 5.0

Artist Information

Singaporean visual artist Urich Lau Wai-Yuen (born 1975) works in video art, photography and printmaking. He is also an independent curator focusing on video art and has presented exhibitions in Singapore and abroad. He has exhibited in Singapore and other countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Japan, Australia, Germany, Serbia and the USA. He holds a Master of Fine Art degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and works as an art lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts. He has been a member of Printmaking Society Singapore since 2007, The Artist Village since 2009 (President 2013-2014) and a resident-artist at the Goodman Arts Centre of Singapore since 2011.

Project Description: Life Circuit (2009 - 2013)

Life Circuit is created as a series of video performances with video and audio wearable gadgets reconstructed from industrial safety equipments such as welding goggles, gas mask and earmuffs. The gadgets replace visual, audible and vocal senses in perception and expressions, and have become electronic extensions to the wearer who is now unable to see, speak or hear. The work makes use of live-feed images and sounds to link to other devices and displays, often capturing the elements found within audiences and spaces. Altering human functionality and interactivity, the wearer forms a 'circuit' between the audiences, medium, moving images and sounds.