2008 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Ars Virtua
Master Psychokinesis Sub-Committee

The Ars Virtua: Master Psychokinesis Sub-Committee is interested in participating in the World Telekinesis Competition. We shall gladly execute this through sheer force of will with medicinal uses of alcohol and possibly other narcotics and performance enhancing drugs and devices so far as they are permitted within the rules. Californina has long been the world capitol of telekinesis and we feel it is time we brought the trophy back home.

kidNeutrino -- kN, formerly an Imperial Pyschotropics Test Pilot, now performs as agent provocateur for Ars Virtua. The extensive Huxleyian mental expansion experiments from his early career have trained kidNeutrino in miraculous powers such as turning wine into water.

Rubaiyat Shatner -- Mr Shatner is currently the director of Ars Virtua and frequently shows up in Azeroth to perform spontaneous healings. His psychic abilities, though legendary, have not yet been employed in capitalistic persuits (he actively maintains his amateur status).

Cookie Evans -- Well know for his ministry of love, Cookie has not had much experience in mind over matter but recognizes its limitless potential and is intent on combining his overwhelming powers of empathy with those of the mind.