2008 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Crystal Skulls

The Crystal Skulls will engage in rigorous, pleasurable, physical activity (such as walking vigorously along a path through arbutus trees, blackberry bushes, and wild mint; plunging into the Pacific ocean and swimming for several minutes to retrieve a floating stick; dancing for hours to fabulous live music in a small pub; etc.) and transport the converted energy generated through these activities into the gallery space via Peripheral Extensionism.

Peripheral Extensionism is a term coined by the Crystal Skulls which describes the idea that psychic energy cannot be transmitted or received via direct, intentional means. Like peripheral vision, a broad set of non-central channels or psychic network exists that can be accessed when central focus is placed on another area.

Mr P: Whether its riding a camel through the Saraha Desert with the nomadic Tuareg people of Mali, bartering with punters at a boot sale in Camden Market, or two-stepping the afternoon away to a Cajun zydeco band in the south of France paysage, Mr P lives life to the fullest, utilizing all his wits and senses, including those not yet explained by mere twenty-first century science.

Ms P: Premonitory dreams, clairvoyance, photographic memory recall, remote viewing, telepathy, and flashes of knowledge have been the norm for Ms P ever since she can remember. Her personal quest is to find out whether, how, and if these "perceptive" abilities (that she attributes exclusively to genetics) can be controlled.

Mr C: Born in a snowbank in November in Newfoundland, Canada, he is a black, silky, beautiful animal with all of his natural and supernatural instincts in tact.