2008 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Discriminating Gentleman's Club
Team Telekinesis

Our Club's interest in Telekinesis is like that of a branch on a tree rooted in the collective toil of our members. We wish to extend our reach out to the various niches of the occult community, where ever it may be found. We come to you not as 'professionals', all though our appearance and history of activity may suggest other wise. Rest assured, we have never tested our psychic capabilities in any official context. Consider us amateurs, first timers, hobbyists, curious types. We are the Discriminating Gentleman's Club, based in Montreal while our membership and activity stretches across the globe. For this competition, three of our members have formed a team, amongst them is the Club dog, Oliver, not just a mascot, but a displayer of strange talents not yet fully understood. Its Ghostbusters meets Scooby Doo, and we are like totally into paranormal activity of any kind right. We prefer to be disguised to ensure our telekinetic pathways are clear of any psychic interference due to astral projection locating techniques.

Please visit our website for further information about our club. http://www.dgc-cga.org

François Lemieux est membre de la société québécoise de psilogie, un institut qui étudie actuellement les phénomènes comme la télékinésie et la télépathie, psychokinèse ou psychokinésie, je suis la réincarnation concurrente et avouée de Théodore Flournoy et Henri Broch. Lemieux vit et travaille à Montréal.

Michael Doerksen is an amateur photographer who became interested in the paranormal when he began finding mysterious globular anomalies in his photographs. He served as DM for his local D&D chapter between the years 1987-1993. He Holds subscriptions to the Anomalist, Fortean Times, and Bite Me Magazine and possesses a signed first edition of Michelle Remembers. He works and lives in Montreal.

Oliver, our Club Dog, is a Black Labrador crossed with a Great Dane, making him a most curious and physical dog. His inclusion in this championship will testify to our belief that all creatures share a connection to the paranormal world. Our suspicions began when Oliver once retrieved a headless owl, which we understood to be, like Haley's Comet was to the Battle of Hastings, a classic omen for our near future, which unfolded in the very same fashion suggested by the decapitated bird of prey portent!