2008 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

(Eternal Ministry of Art & Jump)

Team EMOAJ is dedicated to protests against the order of things. It's a dirty work, but someone has to do it. It's members has all made their contribution to the alteration of reality and are all working hard to ask the question "Why not?" instead of the everlasting "Why?". Team EMOAJ feels that there is virtually no limit to what can be thought up and celebrates the multiversum theory that states that anything that can happen, will happen, and the human psyche nor fantasy is the limit for this truth. The team is always looking for new psychic ways of dealing with the physical world around us. The team also has a firm belief that the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts. In other words, it's not enough to look at the big picture, you have to have a holistic view on things and consider also the temporal causes and effects. We might not do anything right here and now, but perhaps we will or we did somewhere along the timeline. The Deja-vu, hindsight and premonition is the cornerstones of the teams ambitions. If they had a motto it would be "I told you so", or something completely different. The team members shy away from revealing anything about their previous works or educations. But informal contacts has revealed that the Ministry in fact is a founding part of the world-spanning network "NeuroArt".

The team is inspired by the ancients of Ladonia -- who where the ancient forerunners of the now (in)famous Stone Racing. Well preserved rolls tells about The Three Wise of Ladon who every 100 year met on the shores of Ladonia and held meetings, that where both court, and sacred meditation-like gatherings. The old stories tell about The Three Wise that came together to sit. They sat on the stones and boulders of our ancient Ladonian shore and watched civilisations be born, grow old and crumble into dust. They held the torch of knowledge and didn't grow old as the rest of the humans around them. It's said that they where "the Eternals" (a honorary title still given to Ladonian Ministers of today). They never ate during their "court-meetings" (to use a notion we can understand, but that holds little or no resemblance with what The Wise actually where doing).Their meetings could go on for up to five years at the time and they were nor asleep, nor awake. The Wise where at these meetings like in a suspended animation, something that looked like trance or meditation. They where the guardians of time and space and had a key role in transition from winter to summer and other phenomenon we can only start to wonder about. Some say that they where the ones that saw to it that civilisations was born, other says they where the force that conceived the world and reality as we know it today (not that we know much, but the more we learn the more evident it is that we know so very little). Some ancient stories says that the Eternals where the key to Intelligence, Imagination and Creativity. We can only hope to understand what role they played in the eons that has passed.

The Minister of Art and Jump is the General Manager of the team. This means that he generally doesn't know how to manage the team. But he tries. The Minister of Art has jumped into more lakes, rivers and seas than anyone else in the team dressed in a suite. On his spare time he likes to chop wood, drive a tractor and redecorate his home. Minister of Art & Jump also believes that he can enter a transitional state of mind when drinking beer. This is his firm belief and he has solved more world-problems doing just that, than anyone else in the team. Even without beer he's a constant source of good ideas. He has the solution for illegal online downloads, but no one listens... As a child he could bend light and move stars on the night skies by will. As a sprouting teenager he listened to mind-expanding music as Pink Floyd, Ultravox and Pete Shelley.

Mr Black Cupid has a long tradition and history of playing with peoples minds and for obnoxious behaviour in general. He is a very stubborn person. He still is a modest man and withholds a jest-ful non-professional attitude. I'm in it for the sheer fun, he says. "And if I can confusious a few minds along the way, hell I'm happy to be at assistance." Some think he's the dark horse in the team. Others know they are right. He's been known to whip a few behinds back into shape and never take no for an answer. This has caused some problems in the future, but perhaps he'll change his stubborn and mysterious ways and become more futile and reconciling. But he doubt's it. When people agrees with him, he gets the feeling of being wrong. He can be very charming, when he wants. Mr Cupid loves to contemplate in the sun with barely no clothes at all. He can do that for weeks...

Maestro Axwik is the orchestrator of the team. The fine-tuned psyche of this man is incredible. He likes to fiddle about and just sit for hours contemplating. He is never in a hurry, he is always patient. He never cross a line (physically) and the talk about the theft of the crown jewels is utter nonsense. Maestro Axwik never underestimates the power of very stupid people in large groups and think that if the supernatural didn't exists - it would have to be invented. Maestro once said "God is the most ignorant person I know, he ignores every prayer I've ever made". It was after that remark he [Maestro] started to do as he pleased and started to alter the world around him in a totally intuitive telepathic and telekinesis way. His sense of fair-play stops him from rigging games to win him immense fortunes and he leaves the politicians alone. No one can mess up things for themselves worse than they already do, he says.