2008 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Monster Psionics League

The members of the Monster Psionics League were united telepathically during a shared alien abduction experience. The Monster Psionics League credit this extra-terrestrial influence as the source of their now fearsome telekinetic powers. The MPL promote their talents through the entertainment industry, touring their traveling medicine show to the coves and inlets of their island home every summer. Team members are currently in training, preparing for the World Telekinesis Competition. Their daily regimen includes merging complex beer drinking games with intensive mental exercises.

As a 12000 year old extra-terrestrial symbiote of uncertain origin, Gzorak the Alien Beard has been living vicariously through earthlings for almost five thousand years. Gzorak has had several famous hosts including ancient Persian religious figure Zoroaster, and more recently, the "Mad Monk" Vladamir Rasputin. Now residing on the chin of an otherwise unremarkable children's entertainer named Pete, Gzorak plans to enhance the latent telekinetic potential of his host in order to achieve previously unheard of levels of Psionic ability. This is its first competition, and it is very optimistic. It likes to play Cribbage and Yahtzee, and has a penchant for microbrewed hop beverages, from which it occasionally gets itself covered in froth.

Liz Solo's main skills include casting frost and fire spells, quick mana regeneration and healing abilities. She is working in multiple dimensions and will use psychic energy balls and advanced telepathological social engineering techniques to triumph over the opposition.

Burt Everest concentrates on focusing the invisible energy from his posterior orifice to influence objects, the atmosphere and even people. Also has the ability to cast fireballs.