2008 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Team Puppet

We have chosen this as our name since we feel that the obsessional, neurotic movement of a marionette best describes our group's strategy. By repeating certain patterns of movement will help us to win this competition. Our group's epitome of the uncanny, laboring on the boarder between life and death gives us an advantage that we will hope to access in this competition. This alteration between the familiar and strange appears in our team and will allow us to beat our competitors. This alteration between the artificiality and anthropomorphism is the charm of the marionette group and allows us to best access our telekinetic powers.

While Agaila was visiting PACT Zollverein she was invited to participate in a World Politics Cuddle Party. As someone who was foreign to touch and intimacy she thought this would be the perfect place to experience these types of earthly delights. She soon realized that she no longer needed to physically touch to move things in order to move them and she acquired telekinesis skills. Once learning these skills she had to rely on her pink hair to keep up her energy.

Foot fetishist and sex change surgeon, Jamie McSween was born in the small village of Grazzola, high in the Swiss Alps. His parents, dead in the tragic avalanche of 1996, gave him his mystic genes and then pushed him into a seminary from which he escaped after a sex scandal involving myriad drugs and lazers. Over the years he developed a thick skin to the lies and falsehoods perpetuated by his enemies while honing his Celtic lore into a dazzling array of financial schemes involving kings, dictators and the roulette wheel at global gambling dens. Forever globe trotting and nomading he easily fostered a clinic that cured people of their gender disfunctions through the application of mind probes and calculated thrusts along the nervous systems of twisted DNA, untwining the bad genes and snapping them of their virulence. This lead to many feats of bending spoons for the circus and entertaining the masses in prolonged bouts of forging steel for bridges. As he enters his sixties Mr. McSween is looking for new challenges such as facing up to the dark ages and the ambiguous displacements of space travel.

Mme Art Tart is a vivaciously optimistic Haligonian young lady with a passion for the arts and patisseries. She believes that solutions to any problem can be found through the creative process and sweet indulgences. Scientists have been marveling at her incredible philosophical, metaphysical, and yummy baking insights since the 1990s. At present, international experts are attempting to measure the extent of her scrumptious telekinetic powers.