2008 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Scramblers

"Yes John, but they are not nearly as bad as the Scramblers you cannot see. And if you see a shadow you must never forget that under it may be the Scramblers or their telekinetic power."

Although this is less scientific it is more adventurous and in some ways more readable. We do not know the first Scramblers. The Scramblers did not leave many records, for those who were not illiterate were intensely superstitious and especially distrustful of ink. It was for this reason that while they loathed books they loved magazines. We know that prehistoric Scramblers realized that there were such things as stars by the telekinetic drawings left on the walls of caves. Scramblers are very clean and tidy and when they die they vanish in a puff of smoke leaving nothing to bury. Even Galileo as he focused his crude instruments at the Scramblers one after another learned secrets that had remained hidden since history began. Other Scramblers appeared, some semi-serious, but most of them pure fantasy. The Scramblers did not, as other telekineticists had done and which many have done since, take the easy way out. The Scramblers can be compared to a piano keyboard. The Scramblers help the lit candle to help itself.

But whether you become a registered Scrambler or an assistant Scrambler the important thing is that you are a Scrambler, with all the world of meaning the word contains.

Denton Fredrickson's current art practice explores relationships between analog and digital technologies, sound, objects, and architectural space. He completed a Multi-Disciplinary B.F.A. from the University of Lethbridge and an M.F.A. in Fine and Media Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Denton currently works out of Lethbridge, Alberta where he is an Assistant Professor in the Art Department at the University of Lethbridge.

Since 1992 David Hoffos has maintained an active exhibition schedule - with over 30 solo exhibitions, including Catastrophe, 1998 (Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary; Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona; Or Gallery, Vancouver; and Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga) and Another City, 1999-2002 (Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge; Trépanier Baer, Calgary; Joao Gra┴a, Lisbon; The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; and Museé des Beaux-Arts, Montréal). In 2003 Hoffos (with Trépanier Baer) launched the first phase of Scenes from the House Dream, a five-year series of linked installations. The entire series is set to begin its cross-Canada tour in the fall of '08. A survey of his installation work debuted at the Edmonton Art Gallery in December, 2003. His first theatre piece -- Hoffos/Clarke Conspiracy (with Denise Clarke/One Yellow Rabbit) -- debuted at Calgary's High Performance Rodeo in 2006. Hoffos has been invited to several residencies, including three at the Banff Centre. The artist has received awards including 2nd place in the inaugural Sobey Art Award, December 2002; the 2004 York Wilson Endowment Award; Images Grand Prize, 2007; and a Long-Term Visual Arts Project Grant, 2008. David Hoffos lives and works in Lethbridge, Alberta. He is represented by Trépanier Baer, Calgary.

Mary-Anne McTrowe was born and raised in southern Alberta, where she earned her B.F.A. at the University of Lethbridge. She went on to pursue graduate studies at Concordia University in Montreal, where she received her M.F.A. in studio art in 2001. Recent bodies of work include the crocheting of cozies for everyday objects and the proposing of ever-larger cozies for natural and man-made architecture, and performance and static work about the sasquatch. McTrowe has been a founding member of three rock bands (most recently The Cedar Tavern Singers AKA The Phonorealistes with Daniel Wong). She currently teaches in the Art Department at the University of Lethbridge.