2008 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Team Triceratops

It is not in the nature of Triceratops to play fair. The team combines the paleolithic occult powers of a professional sadist, a vagrant with nothing left to lose and a disgraced cosmonaut. All players are skilled in controlling the movement, speed and temperature of objects remotely, and alternately turn their concentrations to telepathically attacking the abilities and confidence of the opposing team. Triceratops mounts a psychic assault as synchronised and untraceable as it is devious.

Kel is a drifter who has been roaming the rail network of Eastern Australia for the past decade. A talented telepathic con artist, but lacking in ambition, she uses her 'gifts' to grift tourists and cheat at cards. Full name unknown. Current whereabouts unknown. Extent of abilities unknown.

The Mistress de Syphilis is widely known in the Southern Hemisphere for her successful domination of many famous names in the Astrophysic and Psychic fields. Among those who have fallen prey to her irresistible mental torture are Alaister Crowley, Arthur C. Clarke, Doris Stokes and Neil Armstrong. She asks her competitors to take several deep breaths in preparation for the contest.

Ludmila has been officially declared to be missing, believed dead, after what is believed to be the sound of her last heartbeats was recorded on a Soyuz mission that was lost in space in 1962. However, recent sightings of a person resembling Ludmila in various locations in the Southern Hemisphere have been confirmed by reports that an unidentified spacecraft re-entered the earth's atmosphere in mysterious circumstances before crashing into the Southern Ocean. Ludmila is believed to have lost one her legs during the re-entry. Although refusing to speak, or otherwise communicate, Ludmila has demonstrated that she can join forces with like spirits and has therefore joined the team Triceratops to bring her legendary talents of psychic kinesis to their mission of world domination.