2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

(3 Generations of Folk-Us)

Us Folks provide 3 Generations of brining collective focus to the tasks we undertake together. In our own right, each team member has demonstrated the ability to influence animate and inanimate objects to move in directions that others would find impossible to fathom. As a collective, we represent a formidable force, ready to undertake challenges and bring our collective energies to focus creatively on influencing hidden powers to act on our behalf. 3 Generations of Folks, that's Us, 3 GFU, 3 Generations of Folk-that's Us.

Jess Hiebert (Captain): Although the newest member of the team and a relative novice at telekinesis, Jess already has amazing power to influence people and objects and have them performing according to his wishes.

Matt Hiebert: A promising student of the subtle forms of influence, Matt's creative way of moving mountains and providing positive energy gives the team the stamina it needs to succeed.

Bryan Hiebert: The mentor and anchor of the team, Bryan has a loooong history with psychic phenomena, and provides stability and folkus for the team.