2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Barbarians of the Third Hand
tele-photo delivery

mark dahl, underground cultural meta-interstitialist, Ghandi, the world's only telepathic Taiwanese fighting fish, and Jacque Drinkall, the world's expert on telepathy in art, can together easily defeat any opponent with their mere images. Ghandi, through alchemicalistic use of non-bubbly water, can facilitate telepathic transmission so as to act as a hub that networks the three artists and synthesises their respective broadcasting fields.

Photographic images, as well as digital video, can be used to conduct a non-linear liquescence of telekinetic processing. The three haunto-tele-cultural workers will hereby perform the intrepid manipulation of a candle's flame.

Jacque Drinkall is a transdimensional entity who has constructed a UFO. She currently resides in Sydney, Australia (stolen land). Drinkall has worked in a variety of media including video, sculpture, and performance. She completed her PhD at UNSW in the area of telepathy, the paranormal, and unusual human beliefs in relation to contemporary art and politics since the 1960s.

mark dahl is a transtatic ontological mutineer based in Vancouver, BC (stolen land). He has produced a large body of text based work, much of which has been pasted on public surfaces and documented. Much of his practice involves the framing of performative gestures, and the precariousness of the document. He has studied critical/social/cultural theory for over 7 years.

Ghandi is a finned telepath. He was purchased by his collaborators in Sydney and brought to their hideout where he eats three pellets two to three times a day.