2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Center for Paraspeculative Study

The Center for Paraspeculative Study is an internationally operating organization founded on the principles of inquiry and dedicated to the ongoing analysis of the intersections of varied belief systems. As such, we recently completed "Witness: A Psychic Collaboration" that uses US government techniques for remote viewing and psychic espionage to link collaborators in Rochester, NY and Chicago, IL. Team members trained for this project by completing the workshop "Understanding Out-of-Body Experiences" at the Lily Dale psychic community in western NY. Our participation in the World Telekinesis Competition will be a natural extension of our progress in this arena and we intend to use this competition to further develop our own skills and carefully observe those of others.

Nate Larson, founder and director of the Center for Paraspeculative study, has conducted extensive research in Mail-order Miracles, Predictive Dreams, Psychic Photography, Tasseography, EVP, Psychokinesis, Psychic Surgery, the Shadow People, Divination, and Bilocation, among many topics. His visual art projects have been exhibited and written about internationally. More information and images are available at www.natelarson.com

Marni Shindelman has been avoiding her psychic prowess for over twenty-five years. In 2001, she correctly predicted every organ donation at her local hospital in Florida over a period of four months. Since then she has been working to recover her lost abilities. In 2007, she joined the Center for Paraspeculative Study where she has been working on a collaborative art projects with Nate Larson. www.marnishindelman.com

LaRonika Thomas is an entrepreneurial dramaturg and freelance writer interested in the consciousness of cities, airports and flight attendants, and how celebrities will save the world. And she has a psychic connection with the mind of Sean Penn.