2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Discriminating Gentlemen's Club /
Le Club des Gentilshommes Avertis

We are the Discriminating Gentleman's Club, based in Montreal while our membership and activity stretches across the globe. Although we return to this years WTC as the reigning Champions of the Mind, we remain amateurs; enthusiastic pursuers of pursuits, lovers of loving the love. The DGC's interest in telekinesis is like that of a branch on a tree rooted in the collective toil of our member's Mind Bear catching fertile Spirit Salmon in dark rivers of the Mind Forest. We wish to extend our reach to the various niches of the occult community, where ever it may be found, be it within the murky depths of the Lakes of Tranquility or in the lava spewing from the Volcanos of Bastardy. For this competition, three of our members have formed a team, amongst them is the Club dog, Oliver, not only our hippy-dippy mascot, but also a displayer of strange talents not yet fully understood. To ensure our telekinetic pathways are clear of any psychic interference due to astral projection locating techniques, we remain in disguise. Its the Black Dog of Led Zeppelin meets the Impossibilisms of Raveen, and you will get sleepy listening to our Steganography on the Holophonic Brigdeway to Mordor.

Please visit our website for further information about our club.

Michael Doerksen: Known to his legion as Sabu, Juji, or Corn Popper, this amateurthought pusher hails from the 4 corners of everywhere, the 24 sides of nowhere, and the space between the squares where pentangles spin for an eternity. His third eye appeared on his 13th birthday, celebrated at The Top of The World, revealing his true path as an initiate of the Planes and the Rays and the Hierarchy.

Oliver: woof ruff woof woof ruff bark woof woof woof growl growl howl woof woof woof? woof bark bark...sniff? growl growl woof? pant pant...lick. grooooowl. HOWL!

Francois Lemuix: Fran┴ois Lemieux est membre de la soci╚t╚ qu╚b╚coise de psilogie, un institut qui ╚tudie actuellement les ph╚nom╦nes comme la t╚l╚kin╚sie et la t╚l╚pathie, psychokin╦se ou psychokin╚sie, je suis la r╚incarnation concurrente et avou╚e de Th╚odore Flournoy et Henri Broch. Lemieux vit et travaille ř Montr╚al.