2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Church of Electrons

The Church of Electrons was established as a panspatial network to establish fractaline understanding of electron-based fascination. We are tied by the electrons that bind us, and we harness the power of that relationship in our laboratory of psychic alchemy. Infinitely connected through the exchange of electronic units, scientific inquiry has guided us through many of our journeys, alongside a deep faith in the powers of electricity, mind control, and chaos magic. Our telepathic connection has been so strong lately that when we play Trivial Pursuit, it becomes more like Telepathic Pursuit, so we actually have to use a counter-telepathy strategy while playing to keep throwing each other off. Our deep understanding of the labrythian lattices of telekinetic electronic nanomatter exchange has prepared us for what promises to be an Interesting Event as we kick your asses with hot wax splashes.

Mistress of techgnosis, The High Priestess Leeane Berger is known throughout the cosmos as a giver of divine inspiration and mysterious sociocultural influence over countless miles. Her mystical aura and slamminly psychic wardrobe has led many to believe that she may well be Synergy, the all-powerful goddess of Jem and the Holograms.

The Reverend Carrie Gates practices an obscure type of telekinetic sorcery through her intimate fascination with electromagnetic exchange and mind-controlled distance control of matter. No stranger to wax, the Reverend is an unmoving mover and shaker, steadfast in her dedication to mindful electronic tomfoolery and her quasi-Vulcanic practice of mind-melding with inorganic forms. Her telekinetic abilities rearrange electrons through their never-ending networks, making space a laughing matter.

House Guru Jeff Morton practices brains and wires. He works so closely with electricity he can call it any time of day just to talk. Jeff's powers, which earned his membership in this powerful telepathic triptych, include super-making, both e- and i-ray vision, and invisible wink. Jeff wrote: "Maybe if I use science... Psych!"