2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

London United Psychic Club

Human beings are inventive; we are aware of many different competitive applications of the human psychic faculty, mostly within the sphere of telekinesis. And we must suppose that like other social products, such as legal systems, competitions unknown to us have existed. Certainly, we expect new psychic sports and competitions in the future, again, with an emphasis on the telekinetic. This brings to mind two considerations. First, a factual matter: the large presence that psychic phenomena (and games in general) have in the social life of human beings. Second, the task of providing a unified theoretical framework for understanding psychic competition; that is, some cogent whole for indefinite possible actual instances that can encompass all conceptual representations of the different kinds of psychic competition. The first suggests psychological and biological determinants, not necessarily separated, driving human beings to compete psychicly and provide telekinesis with personal and social value. The second seeks a framework or perspective for considering the obvious differences among different competitions.

Born in Connecticut to a traditional Catholic family, Christian Kuras attended parochial schools most of his life in Hamden, Connecticut. Married at a young age, he became a father of two sons, Scot and David, in his early twenties. He lived a very traditional New England life until his divorce at age 31. It was during this time he went to see a psychic who told him, "You should be giving me a psychic reading. You are very spiritually gifted. I see you going to California and becoming a healer and teacher using all your gifts for many people throughout the world." At the time, Christian did not realize how prophetic that message was. He did indeed move to California in 1986 and from the moment he arrived, his spiritual teachers were placed in his path. He began competing in various telekinetic competitions and was soon recognised as a leading light.

Emily Heath was born on 6th March 1966 in Ambridge, England, the fourteenth child of Damian Heath, a senior lecturer in Zoology at the local University, and Sylvia, a teacher. Best known as guitarist, vocalist and writer, she is also renowned for her psychic and telekinetic work on governmental and education ministry projects.

Duncan Mackenzie was born in Lochlokrie, Scotland, in 1964. His father, Ernest, was a milkman for over thirty years and was awarded a certificate when he retired. At the age of ten, MacKenzie received a scholarship and went to the local Grammar School. Here he had daily speech lessons and secretly discovered his telekinetic powers. After five years he was awarded 'The School Certificate', largely recognised as the stepping stone to a governmental programme to develop young people with a strong psychic faculty. At the age of fifteen he went to the local art school and after two years he was deemed 'Intermediate'. After two further years studying art he was awarded 'The National Diploma of Design (in art)'. He was then conscripted into the army's paranormal research unit, where he attained no rank but was given continual employment for several years. Since leaving his native land in unrecorded circumstances, he has re-emerged in Chicago USA as a fixture on the Psychic Rodeo Circuit.