2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Plasmavatar Metaverse TK ®

Plasmavatar Metaverse TK ® is a trio of psychic avatars practicing in the virtual reality platform Second Life. Adept at telematic communication, Bingo Onomatopoeia, Humming Pera and Carolhyn Wijaya collaborate together in the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, a virtual reality band of globally dispersed audio artists, media artists, musicians, composers, visual artists and other merry makers. Although Bingo, Humming and Carolhyn play beautiful music together regularly, their human counterparts have never met in the visceral world. They instead employ mental telepathy and plasmatic listening and soundmaking as their means of connection with each other and their audiences, making them a forceful entry in this year's Telekinesis competition.

Bingo Onomatopoeia, known as a member of the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is usually interested in moving audiences through his sound-art, but has, after extensive studies in related art-forms like ancient chinese pyrotechnics, martial praying and power-shopping, decided to enhance his performances in a more subtle manner. His works readjust the listener's complete bioprogram into transcosmic transponderfish entities, affecting kinetic energy to television units and thus allowing a new perspective. "Throw up, turn off, throw out" is a mantra that guides the way towards a new age with open windows, fresh air and a surplus RC.

Humming Pera is an avatar investigating notions of music, identity, performance and collaboration on the virtual reality platform Second Life. Humming is a member of the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Odyssey Art and Performance and World Peace Jammers. She has performed with the Avatar Orchestra at events screened in Europe and North America, and curated performance events where Second Life and First Life intersect. Humming's First Life persona is a composer, improviser and new music / sound art curator.

Carolhyn Wijaya is a musician, concert promoter and avatar for peace in the virtual world of Second Life. Carolhyn is a member of Gamelan Tunas Mekar, the first professional gamelan orchestra to perform in SL. She is also co-producer of Earthdance Mystical Mastery Island in SL, and is co-owner of Sonorant VR2L Media, a new company bringing music and media to virtual worlds. Carolhyn performs regularly with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, an international performance ensemble presenting sound, visuals and movement in the context of overlapping realities. Carolhyn's real life avatar watches all this with interest and wonders where it will lead.