2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Team Rose Quartz

As team captain, Lisa Smolkin will administer *flower essences to all team members pre-competition in attempt to balance everyone's energies thereby turning the team into mere vessels of light. This will involve me travelling on the Toronto Subway with a treasure chest of tiny glass bottles (the flower remedies) several days before actual competion to one of Team Rose Quartz's homes, interviewing for the appropriate remedies and then administering them.

The day of competition Team Rose Quartz will meet up and attempt to have a lot of fun. This will happen by karaoke. If you have ever seen Shary Boyle do karaoke (Sharyoke) then you will know why it will be fun. Sonja as well. But mostly it is the female trinity synergy that is fun.

fun-having --------> winning telekinesis competition.

We will attempt to prove my thesis of having fun makes people winners and attracts positive events(see the movie Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains 1981.) In addition there will be a proprietary Team Rose Quartz element to competing that I am not at liberty to share with you.

Where normally we might eschew competition, finding more purpose and meaning in friendly, supportive matriarchal structures and contexts this contest sounds like a challenge in the dark arts which we will not pass up.

Contingency team plan: in the case that one of our art star team members is working out of town during our competition we will "pre-record" our karaoke/fun-having and save the energy for competiton time. perhaps in a bottle or beaker.

*homeopathic doses of medicinal flowers proven for healing

Sonja Ahlers is a 'gypsy roller' like an april wine song cruising around making her art and paying attention to details. she is a published bookmaker and has exhibited her visual art internationally. she also makes bunnies as a day job and does design work when she feels like it and is currently working on two more books.

Shary Boyle is a visual artist, comedian and funk dancer living in the biggest city closest to her birth place of Scarborough, Ontario. A frequent flyer, she is the youngest of five so always working to transcend to the next level.

Lisa Smolkin is a princess with a technicolour dreamcoat. Her drawing style is quick with the focus being on colour and emotion. She resides in Toronto and sustains herself with health food, the sears wish book, and the noticing of interpersonal dynamics. She publishes a newsletter online which you can find at: www.lisasmolkin.com.