2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Tactical Tape Loop Division
EVP Unit

TTLD remains disappointed by last year's results. Particularly, the failure of deceased members Konstantine Raudive (1906-1974), a student of Carl Jng, who explored the 'voices of the dead' in what he called 'Electronic Voice Phenomenon' (EVP), and William S. Burroughs (1914-1997), who also investigated the unconscious properties of language that control the brain, has led to their expulsion from TTLD's EVP Unit. In their absence, TTLD welcomes the new and alive although distant member Celine Beyond (b. late 20th century; not yet deceased). Beyond, who is a trained psychotherapist, mystic, and holder of a Mark Master in the Arts, adheres to the principle of air-current psychosis brought about by high levels of infectious sound ("noise"). To this effect, she has joined forces with remaining and sole dictatorial member tobias c. van Veen to generate brutal assaults of savage soul-noise. TTLD will prevail under the following:

1. The movement of air currents are capable of causing a candle to quiver or waver. Air currents are the providence of the breath of the dead. The spirits of the deceased traverse the River Styx as souls of air. In Sanskrit, prana; in Greek, psyche or the pneuma of the aura; in Latin, the animus and spiritus of being. Gathering the spirits of the dead -- their disembodied voices -- into a wind capable of influencing a candle's flame demonstrates the telekinetic power of the beyond.

2. While in 2008 TTLD sought to (re)animate the actual souls of the dead themselves, this year TTLD focuses on high-output noise as the physical movement of air into the reception of the psyche itself. Savage noise hysically affects the psychic balance. As the dead are unreliable at best, TTLD now focuses upon noise itself as a mechanism of soul-control.

3. To this end, in 2009 TTLD seeks not merely to extinguish or inflame the candle during the competition, but to overtake the souls of the Noxious Sector themselves, forcing them, under extreme noise duress on a psychic level, to rig the competition in our favour.

Celine Beyond, b. late 20th century, abides in Montréal where she studies psychoanalysis and practices psychotherapy. Beyond's sonic projects include Dreamcatcher, Death Drive and Wonder Years, and she is also a secret shadow puppeteer in the troupe known as Juanita Dark. Beyond's work has been showcased at MUTEK, StudioXX and in minds worldwide, and she is the inheritor of the dual-death drive reel-to-reel machines capable of raising the dead.

[tobias c. van Veen], b. 1978 under the black flag of the sonic arts. After Montréal, now lives in a small West Coast hamlet. Techno-turntablist, writer & artist. Since 1993 he has instigated conceptual and sound-art events, online interventions and radio broadcasts. He has sonic and mix releases on No Type's BricoLodge and the and/OAR labels. From 1993-2000 he was Direktor of the sonic performance Collective [shrumtribe.com]. Co-founder of technoWest.org with Dave Baphomet, controltochaos.ca with DJ FISHEAD and thisistheonlyart.com with artist ssiess. From 2002-2007 Director of UpgradeMTL [upgrademtl.org] and Concept Engineer at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT.qc.ca]. Currently doctoral candidate in Philosophy & Communication Studies at McGill University. Writes on the philosophy of technology and AfroFuturism -- though perpetually distracted by renegade soundsystems & turntable piracy. His latest exhibition, 'espaceSONO :: audio.lab', presented 36 global sound-artists in a uniquely constructed listening environment at the SAT[GALERIE] in Fall 2007. His next publication, an edited volume tentatively titled Afrofuturism: Interstellar Transmissions from Remix Culture, is forthcoming from Wayne State UP, 2010. He also mixes a mean absynthe martini. www.quadrantcrossing.org/blog.

Honourary members (psychic participants):

William Seward Burroughs II (February 5, 1914 (1914-02-05) - August 2, 1997; pronounced /'bʌroʊz/), more commonly known as William S. Burroughs was an American novelist, philosopher, essayist, social critic, painter and spoken word performer. Much of Burroughs' work is semi-autobiographical, drawn from his experiences as an opiate addict, a condition that marked the last fifty years of his life. A primary member of the Beat Generation, he was an avantgarde author who affected popular culture as well as literature. In 1984, he was elected to the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.

Dr. Konstantin Raudive (1906-1974). Dr. Raudive was born in Latvia and later became a student of Carl Jüng. He then went on to be a psychologist who taught at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. He studied parapsychology all his life, and was especially interested in the possibility of life after death. He and German parapsychologist Hans Bender investigated Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). He published a book on EVP, Breakthrough in 1971. Dr. Raudive was a scientist as well as a practising Roman Catholic.