2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Team Team Lucid Redundancy
Dream Shepherds

Shepherds have it good. They spend most of their time in sunny fields. They have easy access to meat and cheese. They only shave in shearing season. They are lazy, just like us! We intend to influence the game candle by entering the candle's dream, in our sleep, when we are most idle. We will infiltrate the "dreamscape" using lucid dream technology and alter the candle's mood with mystical mood rings granted to us by GandalfBikerSanta, our team vision quest advisor.

The three of us were summoned to a far corner of the "dreamscape" by Lord Morphius Pubar Bellybutton GandalfBikerSanta III. There he instructed us in the art of active, lucid "dreaming", imparting upon the team stern wisdom such as "ONLY SHEEP COUNT SHEEP." He encouraged us to become Dream Shepherds and vanquish his adversary Steve using our mind/mood altering mood rings and by boldly controlling real world objects by manipulating mental effluvia on the harsh battleground of the "dreamscape". The rings were quality, but the quest sounded too taxing for our slovenly West Coast lifestyle, so we peaced out of the "dreamscape" and now use our new skills to win shiny, shiny trophies.

Alpha member BFF Bukowsky.
Special Power: Tactical Governance, Heavy LIfting. Power Stone: Beryl.

Beta member Blahdia Darling.
Special Power: the Hacker. Power Stone: Opal.

Kappa member Edna Saucebottom.
Special Power: Heart. Power Stone: Ashphalt.