2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Unconstrained Growth Into the Void
(Team 2)

We would like to express our interest in this competition as a pre-existing collective, Unconstrained Growth Into the Void. Our interests and intentions are outlined below and give an indication of how participation in the 2009 World Telekinesis Competition will exist parallel to our current lines of inquiry. According to the structure of this competition we will temporarily split into two teams, UGIV 1 and UGIV 2, though our ultimate allegiance to each other will remain unbroken.


Unconstrained Growth Into the Void

A Six-Sided Figure, Sum of the Following Parts:

Matthew Alex Crookshank
Rafael Arturo Rodriguez Cruz
Miruna Roxana Dragan
Jason Dale de Haan
Erika Ann Marie Kierulf
Meghann Junell Riepenhoff


While occupying a space on Sleeping Buffalo Mountain, where five seismic faults converge, and contemplating the impact of cosmic rays, Unconstrained Growth Into the Void was formed. During this process time was disrobed of its linear properties and UGIV experienced the reverberations of life's greatest questions.


Unconstrained Growth Into the Void proposes a bending of the fundamental principles of time, landscape, histories and space. Seeking to take advantage of our collective energies, we understand these actions as limitless in their ability to bridge cognitive gaps, create alternative narratives and discern the poetries of our activities, our persons, our universe. Mathematical principles, pseudo-scientific methods, innate understandings, un/relational forces and archetypal mythologies underlie this exploration, as we endeavor to search, to understand, to propose and to accept. Unconstrained Growth Into the Void allows coincidence to be a determining factor and has no problem recognizing it in the most mundane. It comes to us and we to it.


In earnestness, UGIV converge to yield to the wills of centres of power, teleportation, levitation, mutation, metamorphosis, translinear thought, telepathy, pattern, chaos, and geometry, while at the same time bending them to ours. We share optimism in the potential of creative activity and are compelled to realize that potential in forms that are active, enigmatic, poetic, epic, numinous and beautiful.

Erika Kierulf is a Montreal-born visual artist who works in video, photography, and installation. She completed an MFA in photography at Concordia University (Montreal) In 2007. Concerned with issues of intimacy and the banal, she explores psychological and physical states of between-ness.

Atlanta-born artist Meghann Riepenhoff earned her BFA in Photography from the University of Georgia and her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has lectured with the San Francisco Photo Alliance, teaches at the San Francisco Art Institute and Rayko Photo Center, and is the studio assistant for Michael Light. Her photographic work considers the repurposing of objects in order to create dynamic c-print photograms that speak to the complex biological and emotional systems of reactions.

A dual citizen of Romania and The US, Miruna Dragan works in multidisciplinary forms often presented as a gesamtkunstwerk. Concerned with irrational topics such as nostalgia, ecstasy, mystery and mysticism, her works are conceptual, poetic icons self-conscious of the powerful futility of a romantic search while navigating through surreal, absurd, and numinous waters.