2010 World Telekinesis Competition

Center for Serious Play
University of Washington Bothell

Bothell (WA) USA. June 4 - June 25, 2010


Participating teams will be added to this page as submissions are confirmed and approved. A full listing will be avilable after the deadline for submissions.

3 Generations of Folk-Us

The Agency

Bast is Best

Brain Elevating
Neurotransmissions (B.E.NT.)

Children of the Cone

Center for
Paraspeculative Study

Gentlemen's Club

Eternal Ministry of
Art and Jump

Field Work


Kindered Spirits

The Lady-bags

London United Psychic Club

A Pack of Lone Wolves

The Magpies

Malevenia Analysticians

Mazana Rojo

Team Overmind

The Photon Skulls

The Psychic Amateurs

The Distance Between Us
Is Not The Distance
Between Us

The Temples of Doom

Tactical Tape Loop Division

Team Triceratops

Unconstrained Growth
Into the Void (Team 1)

Unconstrained Growth
Into the Void (Team 2)

The Weldermen