2010 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Beauty-Pageant Parents for the New Psychic Millennium present:

Children of the Cone

Children of the Cone are an infantile troika of telekinetic fortitude. Bred specifically for the purpose of competition in the psychokinetic arts. Raised telepathically by a Xenophanean Canine, who, while suffering the indignity of an infection in his hind-quarters, discovered the use of his Elizabethan collar as a veritable loud-hailer of his immense telepathic abilities. Fed on the omega-rich bounty of the Pacific Ocean, to perpetuate pre-pubescent chemical imbalances within the brain, that are known to influence Electrostatic fields; these limber and youthful minds, possess the naiveté and innocence to fearlessly and adeptly tap into the Superconscious, in a way that the atrophied minds of their competitors can no longer imagine.

Spazzil: Four years old. A student of electroreception within sharks and other cartilaginous fishes. Champion waffle eater

Doctor: Three and a half years old. Utilizes an abnormally large head. Practice inter-species communication, with hamsters.

Medusa: Ageless, or eleven weeks and one day, depending on how you look at it. Chthonic influence. Even in-utero able to perform a telepathic trepanation through her Mother's belly button.