2010 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles


Geoduckalouserwhal (the incredible, once-in-a-universe hybrid geoduck, palouse earthworm, and narwhal)

Fate conspired to bring them together, a once-in-a-generation conglomeration of telekinetic skills and abilities. The Geoduckalouserwhal team, based in Seattle, aims to dominate all telekinetic comers using whatever contest-appropriate means are necessary. Like the geoduck, giant palouse, and narwhal, we will accept nothing less than total victory.

Sharon Greenblum: Born on one of the most psychically powerfully weekends of the past century, Sharon enjoys mysticism and has been developing her telekinetic talents since the early 2000's, right around the time Hole broke up.

Theo Stroomer: Originally a student of philosophy (ie MENTAL THOUGHT), Theo accidentally released his psychic gifts near a preschool and has been training vigorously ever since.

Michael Pulju: While he has demonstrated no known psychic ability, Pulju has repeatedly shown his prowess in the amplification of others' telekinetic skills. Part coach and part mentor, his true power may be unleashed like some awesome psychic phoenix at any moment.