2010 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Kindered Spirits

Hatched from humble beginnings, Red-Racer, Supersticat and OctaBlue have long worked together to inspire the imagination and overcome the impossible. With no one strategy in mind as they come together for their latest play date, this deceivingly sweet trio believes that the element of surprise will crack the competition and lead to their opponents' ultimate demise in this year's World Telekinesis Competition.

From a distant yet parallel planet, Red-Racer zips around by sheer force of will at rather incredible speeds. Practiced at displacing herself through time and space, she has recently taken to dabbling in the telekinetic arts and looks forward to testing the development of her unusually strong and natural powers within the framework of the World Telekinesis Competition 2010. As 10 and 20 have long been her lucky numbers she feels strongly about the Kindered Spirits chances this year.

A born worrier and obsessive analyst and speculator, Supersticat has developed impressively powerful mind muscles. Always reading the universe for signs and omens, she is quite confident that focusing on influencing physical objects during the World Telekinesis Competition 2010 with her Kindered Spirits teammates will be a breeze, and a refreshing change from a lifetime of trying to read her future in the sky and avoiding walking under a ladder.

Don't let those yellow and blue rollers and stiff tentacles fool you, OctaBlue is no sucker! This happy-go-lucky Kindered Spirit has always had a knack for wrapping herself around the game play of her adversaries to get a taste of their strategy and twist it to her advantage. Through the powers of her incredible eyesight, well-developed brain and stunning rollers she will help her team emerge victorious in the 2010 World Telekinesis Competition.