2010 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Team Overmind

To fully subsume the individual members of TEAM OVERMIND into the collective, identity is surpressed on the physical level; thus, identical robes are worn by the team members. Facial features are also obscured. After experiments with masks and brief consideration of surgical procedures, the team realised that cosmetic creams not only afford the necessary anonymity, but also provide the added benefit of leaving their faces blemish free and silky smooth.

Edmund Davie aka "orphic oracular" resides in the occult capital of the world: London, England. The great distances his thoughts travel to complete the OVERMIND triangle amplify, rather than reduce, their power.

Frederick Brummer - aka "headroom" is the joker in the OVERMIND deck. His extreme and unnerving ability to be utterly within his own mind has been developed through a potent cocktail of necessity and disposition.

Nadia Chaney - aka "n-zhyme" - speaks only in riddles and describes herself thus: 'I like long nows and song wows and people with real courage. I'm not afraid to try new things if they're known for vision blurrage.'