2010 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Photon Skull

Our method for harnessing telekinetic energy will be to think of ourselves not as three but instead as 7 entities composed of overlapping connections of focused willpower, harmoniously applying our unified will to the object. We are not only 3 individual bodies with will and intention, but also a convergence of each relationship presented by the interactions between each member as well as the group. The will that is determined by the presence of each pairing of two members converging upon a singular idea will combine to create three more entities with mental focus and will, multiplied into a 7th force composed of the three members unified will and intention. Once this unification is achieved, an unstoppable telekinetic force is released.

Brandon Alvendia is an artist and freelance curator living and working out of Chicago.  He attended the School of the Art Institute (BFA '03) and University of Illinois in Chicago (MFA '07). Encompassing a variety of media, his work often features and supports the efforts of other artists. He is Founder of the Silver Galleon Press, an experimental publishing project, and co-founder of alternative art spaces artLedge and BEN RUSSELL.

Ben Foch is a Chicago based painter and sculptor engaged in political realism, formal abstraction and a surface of cultivated poverty. He employs the fictive quality of narrative to achieve a meaning that is both specific and dynamic. Ben uses a complex algorithm combining psychology, multiple divination techniques, and differential equations (both social and economic) to move things with his mind.

Jacob C Hammes is a Chicago based interdisciplinary artist primarily using sculpture, audio, and performance. Hammes attempts to reveal preconceived distinctions between divergent ideas of humanity and the struggle to connect with our own animal identity. Hammes uses Hypnosis and Hyperempiria in pioneering the field of "Imagination Therapy" which he invented and is the sole practicioner of. '