2010 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Temples of Doom

Does the mind rule the body or does the body rule the mind? With bodies like ours the answer's obvious. We are The Temples of Doom. We're going to wax the board with you. Feel the burn.

Steve Fisher's mental and physical prowess is achieved by specific exercise selection including: Neuron firing, rep range, number of sets, Temple Massage, rest in between sets, exercise order, range of motion, Range of Mental Projection, isometric contractions, tempo, etc. With that in mind (and in body), his current training program for strength is: 5 sets of 5-8 reps with 2-3 minutes between sets
1. Monday– Fire starting/ Flame Bending– Barbell Curls– Weighted Dips
2. Tuesday– Rest
3. Wednesday– Dead Lifts– Pull Ups– Furniture levitating
4. Thursday– Spoon bending– Flat Dumbbell Press– Decline Bench Press
5. Friday– Squats– Toothpick levitating– Romanian Dead Lift– Lying Leg Curls
6. Saturday– Rest
7. Sunday– Smith Overhead Press– Making objects fly over my head– Barbell Upright Rows– Front Dumbbell Raises, and some extra spoonbending.

Like fire consuming a candle and hot wax burning your game board, Shane Krepakevich's extrasensory digestive prowess transforms snacks, nibbles and meals into pure mental power. Since 1979, He've been absorbing psychic nutrition and, through a regimented routine of one-arm pushups, mind squats, and back-flips, have been bringing down my telekinetic girth on the world like a bar bell on a mat. I live in Guelph like nobody's business.

Ryan Park has sequestered himself in a small dark room in Guelph, Ontario where he does 20 descending sets of the prison workout, upside down, while imagining small china being flung across the room with terrifying passion.