2011 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Cigar and Whiskey Militia

Since 2001, the Cigar and Whiskey Militia was formerly labeled as "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (LEG). LEG members have practiced communion into the astral plane and into the Greater Spirit via the complementary energies from each member.

The year of 2011 was when the elite membership emerged from the warm folds of the astral plane and collectively chose to include the practice of utilizing the cigar and whiskey as channeling totems with the purpose of drawing upon the "universal leadership energies". From LEG emerged The CWM, a smaller collective from the LEG initiative who took their psychic training in a more dedicated direction. While clad in the forged auras from each member, existing LEG members have taken up these totems as a means for community rebirth and focus.

Our method cannot be discussed due to the confidentiality of our membership. However, our totems and interest can most certainly be explained. The CWM believes the cigar totem and whiskey totem are channels into the psychic pool that great leaders of influence have once tapped into. From Ulysses S. Grant to Che Guevara, the CWM understands the immense and passive power from such simple channeling totems.

The CWM seeks entrance into the 2011 Telekinesis Competition as a means to hone our psychic prowess.

Brian Hensley -- Brian is an enigmatic soul who searches for truth in the murky realm in which he inhabits. For a time he moved to Los Angeles in hopes to find his dreams amongst the other creative souls in the town. He came to the realization that he needed to move back to Seattle in order to re-create the emotional and spiritual states of his childhood. From here, he hopes to use the strength derived from his newfound totem's (cigars and whiskey) to actualize his inner energy to influence our physical reality.

Victor Quan -- Victor was awakened to his psychic abilities during elementary school when he was able to successfully block a high punch - from a ghost. Victor's background predisposes him to interaction with harmful spirits but has since turned away from the practice in hopes of achieving the Greater Self-Actualization. After graduating from California, he moved to Seattle in hopes of finding like-minded people willing to train in the astral plane. Victor was granted access into LEG in 2003 and since then has earned his seat within the CWM's conclave.

Cornelius Ersoz -- After four years of intense training at the Tiberius Telekinetic Institute, where he majored in Ancestral Channeling, Cornelius returned to his birthplace, Edmonds Washington. Seeking respite from laborious evenings spent hunting ghosts and enduring Spokane Washington, Cornelius now spends time relaxing with his family and playing fetch with his cat. Cornelius hopes to hone his telekinetic talent through continued training with his fellow Cigar and Whiskey Militia members.