2011 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Drew Barrymore Experience

It was a dark and stormy night. The management team from The Perfect Match, the 4th largest match manufacturing company in the region, was in Paradise Valley doing team building exercises. They walked across hot coals and shouted encouraging slogans at each other: "Believe it! Do it! Live it!" and "Reach for the stars!" and "Get your game face on!" And everything was going well -- they were bonding, pouring Gatorade on each other, locking pinky fingers together -- until they noticed black clouds moving in above them and a mystical lightening scorching the ground below. They tried to run but they didn't want to unlock their pinkies. So they tripped over each other and the lightning enveloped them. The next thing they knew, they had been merged together. Twelve of them had been fused into three telekinetic entities: Archer Steel, CEO; Davenrue Flïwen, Vice President in charge of promotions; 00101110, robot work force.

Davenrue Flïwen enjoys creating a hybrid something/something with semiotic tendencies based on a wicked pain, awesome agony, bootylicious suffering, all energy and no melodrama. His hobbies include being a rock god, being a genius and taking a shit every morning like a masterfully written pop song. Did you know he went to Harvard?

Archer Steel is not unlike a Blockbuster employee. She became involved in politics as a member of her high school's Young Liberal's Club. She later grew disillusioned with politics altogether and developed her psychic abilities. Following a turbulent childhood, marked by a severe cocaine addiction, Steel wrote her autobiography From Hell, in which she developed her theory of reverse dianetics and amplified religious philosophy which disapproves of free zone activities.

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