2011 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles


We will be our best selves, thereby being winners. We will look at lots of high-frequency colours like purple, turquoise, light yellow, and pink. The colour will go into our eyes and right to our souls. We will focus it back out at the telekinesis competition. We will eat pure foods high in chlorophyll. I, team captain, Lisa Smolkin will bathe in gems. We will also use sheer brutal stamina and endurance. We will fight tooth and nail bathed in white light with pure sunshine in our cores. We will fight like dogs.

Team Captain: Lisa Smolkin. Direct quote by Lisa Smolkin : "I have been called overly-sensitive nuff times." She was one of the project winners of Too Cool for School Art & Science Fair 2010 with her project WHAT KIND OF PERSON AM I? She resides in Toronto with her son, where she hand cuts rags and stacks them for hobby.

Team Member: Sonja Ahlers. Sonja Ahlers is an award winning visual artist and poet currently living in Whitehorse, Yukon, in addition to being a blue-blood handmade.

Team Member: Shary Boyle. Shary Boyle is seeking clarity by looking very closely at the details of the world both inside and out, as an artist, friend and traveller.