2011 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The All-Powerful Malevenia Analysticians

As my powers continue to expand, I can no longer contain them within the banal constraints of the everyday: friends,morality, "sanity" are pathetic un-wizardly constructs which no longer hold any meaning for me. Through my experimentations with the dark sorcery of megapolisomancy(or the magic of cities), I have achieved omniscienttranscendence. My powers are limited only by my imagination.

Sensing vibrations from all possible futures and pasts, I have finally come to understand the measures that will be necessary in order to secure incontrovertible victory in the Competition.Unsurprisingly, my former friends and colleagues, DavidLaRiviere and Cindy Baker, could not accept what is to become my destiny. Our ways have parted, and I am relieved to be free from their feeble corporate ass-licking. An act such as that which I must perform can only be undertaken by someone who is supremely knowledgeable and capable of dealing with the consequences.

Although I have profound understanding of how to accomplish this kind of working, I have not yet attempted it, for obvious reasons. Here are the steps that I will performduring the Competition in order to open up an abysmalgateway:

1. Establish a highly polarized cross-roads using the FourAngles.

2. Build a double concentric spiral vortex, each with a common midpoint. This is done by generating a basic vortex, then establishing a central circle, and finally erecting a vortex within that central circle. Thus generating a vortex within a vortex with a common central point. Both of vortices would have a negative spin (widdershins), so they would produce a kind of black hole singularity with gateways extending into four different universes.

3. Blow the wax onto the other side of the board.

Victory will be mine.

Megan Morman: Pew pew!

Megan Morman: Huhn-neh-neh-neh-neh!

Megan Morman: Aaaaaaaaaaah!