The Haunt

The Haunt is a project that grew out of conversations about ghosts and wondering what it means to haunt a person or place. We began by purposefully trying to haunt each other. We didn't really know how to go about it, so we made it up. We took turns--two of us ganging up psychically on the third. Using a variety of techniques--from voodoo to witchcraft to astral projects to telematic embraces--we psychically taunted one another, attempting to willfully impact on the environment and psyche of our fellow collective members. Subsequent versions of the project take up the same ideas, in different ways--haunting stair cases, Prime Ministers, virtual reality platforms and city streets. In each case, the projects explore ideas of psychic transference, in which we mentally occupy difference spaces, for different purposes. The idea is to explore both the limits of psychic possibility -- given shape through our remote occupation of the space--and the thresholds of public comfort and discomfort with the knowledge that a space is being occupied with intent.

Haunting the Seattle Art Fair
in conjunction with Art of the City Street Fair. Tashiro Kaplan Arts Complex, Seattle, WA. August 2014

The Haunt: Halifax
in conjunction with Nocturne: Art at Night festival and the Nightmare Inductions exhibition at Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, Canada. October 2013

The Haunt: Kelowna
in conjunction with the Nightmare Inductions exhibition at Alternator Contemporary Art, Kelowna, BC. July 2013

The Simulation is Haunted
in conjunction with Wintermoot mixed-reality festival. Curated by Nathan Shafer
Institute for Sepculative Media, Anchorage, AK. March 2013

The Haunting of George Street
in conjunction with The Art Marathon Festival, Eastern Edge Art Gallery, St. John's, Canada. August 2012

Haunting Stephen Harper
a Noxious Sector Invitational. April 30, 2012.
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The Haunt II
in conjunction with Ghost Hole III, White House Studio Project, Toronto, Canada. October 31, 2011

The Haunt
in conjunction with the exhibition PsycheDADA. Curated by David LaRiviere. PAVED Arts, Saskatoon, Canada. September-October 2011