2008 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Hot Potato Posse

Never Confuse Motion with Action

The Hot Potato Posse moves way too fast to keep anything in its hands. The Posse specializes in complicated installations and astounding bendings of the will. It loves the colour pink.

Kristen L's main claim to fame was a brief but fruitful period spent dancing on local cable TV in shiny spandex during the early 1990s. She escaped the paparazzi by fleeing to Paris and eating her way through all the pastries the city could offer. Today she spends her time perfecting creme caramel and her tennis serve. On and off the court she transmits telepathic messages encouraging a Björn Borg fashion revival.

38 year old artist and thinker Vaughn W. started his slow but inexorable rise to the top in 1986 with his airband Crispy Bitz, which featured his ground breaking line of turf-based couture called 'Four...OUCH!' After being censored by the CTRC, he changed tack and began bubble-wrapping children for their own good. Currently, he maintains a mad artist lab hidden behind a kitty litter plant in Kamloops BC which he finds very 'absorbing'. Future plans include developing a ginko inhaler for the forgetful and traveling back in time to go horseback riding with Lady Godiva.

Jen B. was named after the lead character in a long-forgotten television sitcom. In 1977 she won an anti-littering drawing contest sponsored by McDonald's. In 1979 she won a junior journalism competition with a story whose first sentence contained the word "ass." During the 1980s she spent a great deal of time curling her hair, but unlike other young women of that decade she curled it purely from the power of suggestion. She mysteriously disappeared from 1993 to 1999, reappearing in Canada in 2000 with a fake accent and a penchant for all kinds of thistle. She plans on continuing her winning streak in the decade to come.