2008 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Unicorn Vengeance


Maverick mentalist Jared "Raspberry" Haines has honed his mind into a raging maelstom of raw telekinetic force capable of bending even the mightiest of soup spoons. Jared continues to test his abilities in competitions across the globe until the day that he is strong enough to conquer his own personal everst: the dreaded Ice Cream Scoop.

Nathaniel is a native Victoria, born in the year of the monkey. He has had three dogs, two brothers, an older sister and eight grandparents. He firmly believes that unicorns may exist and that their nature is vengeful. After studying politics for a number of years, Nthaniel shifted focus to geography due to a strong send of ideological ambivalence brought on by public sector work. He currently works for a spatial research company where he spends his time poking sptial data with a stick.

Born standing up with a full head of hair and long fingernils, Ross Angus was raised on a kelp bed and played on barnacles.