Noxious Sector Projects

Noxious Sector Projects was a storefront gallery curated by Noxious Sector arts collective between June 2011 and December 2013. The gallery was located in the Tashiro Kaplan Arts Complex in Seattle, WA, and exhibited projects that creatively challenged the boundaries between the imaginary and the everyday.

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Individual projects are listed below:

Kuras & MacKenzie
Everything You Need: December 1-30, 2013

The Sleep of Reason Procueds Monsters: November 7-December 1, 2013

Arthur & Marilouise Kroker
After the Drones: October 3-November 3, 2013

Ingrid Mary Percy
Translocal Ephemeral Cultural Appliqué: September 5-29, 2013

Urich Lau
Life Circuit 5.0: August 1-31, 2013

Cedar Tavern Singers AKA Les Phonoréalistes
Art Is All Over: July 4-28, 2013

Jason Tentor
Continuity in Temporal Space: June 6-29, 2013

Janet-Marie Rogers & Alex Jacobs
When We Were Stars: May 2-June 1, 2013

Deirdre Logue & Allyson Mitchell
FAGing it Forward: April 4-28, 2013

Nate Larson & Marni Shindelman
Geolocation: March 7-31, 2013

Nathan Shafer
Non-Local: Cosmic Constant MRPG: February 7-March 3, 2013

Second Front
Second Front Ends the World: January 3-February 2, 2013

Noxious Sector Arts Collective
Welcome Back Ye Annunaki: December 6-30 2012

Jackson 2bears
This is not an Indian: November 1-Decemmber 2, 2012

Susan MacWilliam
Out of this World: October 4-28, 2012

Ted Hiebert
Between Magnets: September 6-30, 2012

Tanya Doody
Materialising the Medium: August 2-September 2, 2012

Steven Rayner
Something and Nothing: July 5-29, 2012

Noxious Sector Arts Collective
2012 World Telekinesis Competition: June 7-30, 2012

Ted Hiebert
Psychic Photography v2: May 3-June 3, 2012

Cindy Baker
Personal Appearance: April 5-30, 2012

David LaRiviere
Come Visit The Athabasca Tar Sands: March 1-31, 2012

Cara-Ann Simpson
Resonations #1: February 2-26, 2012

Kira O'Reilly & Jennifer Willet
Occupy Science: January 5-30, 2012

Noxious Sector Arts Collective
The Sun Will Eat Itself: December 1-31, 2011

Scott Rogers
Empty Reliquary: October 6-31, 2011

Christian Kuras & Ben Tanner
Time Machine (No Going Back): September 1-October 2, 2011

Doug Jarvis
Minding the Belly Brain: August 4-28, 2011

Tetsushi Higashino
Observation Diary of a Hydroponic Nose Hair: July 7-31, 2011