2010 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

London United Psychic Club

London United Psychic Club is an Anglo-American phychic team, nicknamed The Red And Whites, reflecting the colours of the striped scarves their supporters wear to all their matches. The club were relegated from the Global Mentalism League in 2009, and along with a poor showing in that year's World Telekinesis Competition, entered a hiatus of several weeks in the latter part of that year. On 8 December 2009 the club was purchased by German-born Swedish businessman Lars Wubbelflueuffer. Shortly after the takeover the club resumed training, culminating in their taking overall second place in this year's controversial Ectospheric Sport Championships. Their home ground is the basement of The Royal Coachman Pub in Hackney, East London, which the club moved to in 1989 from a previous secret training location.

Christian Kuras is an athletic mentalist from Harrison, New York.

He has been a professional mentalist for over 25 years. His father was an NYC cab driver and an expert at interrogation. Christian learned many of his skills from observing his father at work while he hid in the trunk of the cab. He performed his first show at the age of 11, when he hypnotised a cow live on stage, and started touring the country at the age of 13.

He has studied many techniques: telepathy, clairvoyance, divination, precognition, psychokinesis, mediumship, mind control and pyromanipulation, all of which he uses in his act at the Casino Tropic in Red Rock, Nevada.

On August 12, 2006, Christian Kuras celebrated his 500th Red Rock performance having been in that city for four years. This makes him the longest running mentalist show in Nevada history.

Emily Heath was born as a natural intuitive and has studied metaphysics all of her life. She received confirmation of her special psychic abilities after she was nearly killed in a speed-walking accident when she was 12 years old. It was this psychic crisis that awakened her to her gifts in telekinesis, mind control, and mediumship. She is also known as Dr. Emily Heath thanks to honorary degrees she has received.

Emily Heath specialises in talking to spirit messengers in order to help people connect with someone on the other side. She has been a member of London United since 1992.

The youngest of 5 children, Duncan MacKenzie had an unremarkable childhood. He attended Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio and later received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. He began a carreer as a civic engineer, and was engaged to be married in July 1988 when he disappeared from public record. It is now known that he was involved for several years in governmental research into physic warfare, mental combat and parapsychological weaponry, though it is unclear if he was a subject in the research, or a researcher himself. He then went on to establish a name for himself as a gifted player on three different teams in the Global Mentalism League.

Since joining London United he has gone from strength to strength, and is now back on top form after recovering from a serious thalamus injury.